We've Got Your Back During IRS Audits

We've Got Your Back During IRS Audits

Make us your IRS representative in Queens Village, Great Neck or Hempstead, NY

Are you being audited? Don't get bullied by the IRS-if you need assistance, William Diker, CPA is prepared to defend you. We offer unmatched IRS representation to individuals and business owners in the Queens Village, Great Neck and Hempstead, NY areas. You can trust us to be on your side through each step of the process. Protecting you and your assets is our top priority.

Call us at 718-740-6766 now to schedule a consultation with a local IRS audit defense specialist.

3 reasons you need representation during your audit

William Diker, CPA is a leading IRS audit defense expert in the Queens Village, NY area. Over the years, we've represented many individuals and business owners during audits. We recommend hiring IRS representation because:

1.You have a right to be represented during your audit.
2.You can trust your representative to keep the audit focused and speed up the process.
3.You can hold meetings in your representative's office instead of in your home or an unfamiliar location.

Want to learn more about the benefits of hiring an IRS audit representative? Contact William Diker, CPA today.